Week 2 Assignments

Assignment #1: Find a Tier 3 multimedia package and screen capture a review. Be specific. Make sure to address what makes it a Tier 3 package, what you like — from design to content, and what could be improved.

IMPORTANT: When you choose a multimedia package to review, leave a comment on this post to claim that package. Don’t review something that one of your classmates has already chosen. 

Possible sources (but there are many others!)

To record your screen and audio, use Quicktime on a Mac, https://screencast-o-matic.com/ or any other software.

Assignment #2: Finish the HTML tutorial on W3Schools (http://bit.ly/w3html)

Deadline for Both Assignments: Thursday, Sept. 8 by Noon

To submit your review, upload the 2- to 5-min video to YouTube, unlisted. Add the link to your video in the comments section of this post, replying to your first comment. There is no written requirement for this assignment.


Week 1 Assignments

Assignment #1: Write and create a 500-800 word bio about yourself and put it on a web page. Include why you want to be a journalist. Show that you understand the HTML from Week 1. Submit by email.

Assignment #2: Fill out the skills survey (bit.ly/ascj-skills-survey). Rename the file with your name and turn it in with your web page.

Assignment #3: Begin the HTML tutorial on W3Schools (http://bit.ly/w3html). You have two weeks to complete the tutorial.

Deadline for Both Assignments: Thursday, Sept. 1 by Noon