Who is Gray Baker? By JT Arowosaye

When I first searched the name “Gray Baker”, right way hits to USC and Annenberg Media Center popped up. I clicked on the first link which was an article he wrote for Annenberg Media titled “Police Still Searching for Third Brussels Airport bomber”. Upon visiting the Annenberg media website, I realized Gray has written five pieces for the news site.


Next, I went back to my Google search and clicked on Gray’s LinkedIn Profile. This adorable picture of him, and I am assuming his dog, was his profile picture! It was the first thing I noticed on his account.


By looking through his LinkedIn information, I found out the following information: He is a Technical Assistant at USC Trojan Events, he is a print and journalism major, he went to Oakridge High School in Conroe, Texas and he graduated in 2014. In his own words, this is how gray describes himself in his LinkedIn summary and I think it indicates a lot about who he is and how he wants people to view him.

  “I am very energetic and enthusiastic person. i love talking and being personable with my peers. I see myself as natural leaser and someone people can trust and stand behind.”

The next place for me to snoop through was Gray’s Facebook page. I learned quite a bit more about Gray and got to see more of his personality. He likes several movies featuring James Franco, Jonah Hill and Andy Samberg. He also enjoys music by ACDC, The Beatles, Yeezy, and Drizzy Drake! It appears that along with being a Trojans fan, he is a fan of the Green Bay Packers (but the Patriots are better so he we differ on this aspect.)

This is his profile picture. I thought he chose an excellent photo because it looks professional, yet artsy and definitely something employers searching for him would not find inappropriate. Clearly others agree because he got 123 likes on it!


Also on his Facebook, I discovered we have 28 mutual friends, he works at Doheny Library and he is a relationship with a girl named Dani Endlich who also is a USC journalism student (yeah Annenberg love!). They seem to take a lot of cool, artsy pictures together, but this photo is my favorite of the two and most definitely #relationshipgoals!


As far as his Facebook habits go, I noticed Gray shares more content than posting his own statuses. Some of the more recent things he has shared includes an article about a basement dedicated to extreme lego building, Facebook Memories, music videos, and this:


Gray shares a several memes about politics – particularly with a Democratic leaning. This makes me believe that Gray is either a liberal/Democrat or supports a lot of liberal/Democratic ideology. Based on his posts, he also seems to not be such a big fan that Trump won the presidential election.

Along with being technical assistant and a library worker, Gray is also apart of the Greek community and is a member of USC’s Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. Here is a photo of him before what looks like one of his fraternity invites.


After exploring Gray’s Facebook, I wanted to see if he was active on any other social media sites so I checked Twitter to see if he had an account. He does! You can follow him @Backaroni. He has been on twitter since 2014. He has not tweeted since August 7th, but my favorite tweet out of all his 947 tweets was this:


Gray is also active on Instagram, but sadly we don’t follow each other (and he has not accepted my follow request). In his Instagram bio he wrote, “Please don’t spoil my day, I’m miles away. And after all, I’m only sleeping.” I do not really understand the quote, but it sounds very, very deep.

Gray’s digital footprint did not seem to extend farther than LinkedIn, Annenberg Media, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I tried to switch up my searching techniques by searching “Gray Baker USC”, “Gray Baker student”, “Gray Baker Oak Ridge Conroe Texas” to find more of his digital footprint, but nothing else really came up. I also could not find him on Flickr, Google + or YouTube.

Overall, I felt weird doing this assignment because I felt like I was stalking Gray and invading his privacy. However, I did feel like I got to know him a bit better (at least digitally) and he seems like he enjoys USC and hanging with his friends. From essentially stalking Gray on the internet, he also appears to be a fun, easy-going guy who loves his family as well. Check out these cute pictures with his family!

12400975_10206567379156680_1543799095209624153_n 12507613_10206567380996726_6243338006612778459_n


In the end, his digital footprint seemed appropriate (not red-cup drinking pictures) and professional (you can find links to his work and LinkedIn very easily). He had nothing to be embarrassed about which not a lot of other people can say.

Jodee Sullivan: Queen of Sports Media at USC

With the exception of female reporters here and there, sports reporting has long been a field dominated by men. That is, until Junior Jodee Sullivan arrived at USC in Fall 2014.

At the start of her first Freshman term, Sullivan immediately began covering sports for the Daily Trojan and Annenberg Media. This is a collection of her posts from ATVN, the earliest is dated to November 29.


When the Annenberg Media sports department launched their own weekly sports program, Sports SCene, Sullivan was quick to get involved. She’s also anchored sports segments for the 6pm weeknight broadcasts.

Recognizing her dedication, she was promoted to Annenberg Media sports director in Fall 2016. The title’s lineage has long been held by male counterparts before her.

Sullivan clearly recognizes the significance of working in a male-dominated field, and the challenges it presents. In 2016, she launched a podcast with Kristen Lago to counter typical male-lead sports broadcasts called “He said, she said.”

“In sports journalism, you’ve heard what he said, but what about what she said??” she wrote in an Instagram post promoting the show.

Clearly, Sullivan maintains a strong professional presence online — but what about her personal social media? The sports journalist has a large digital footprint, which expands way beyond sports.

She is an avid instagrammer who has posted just under 400 times.

Unlike other girls her age, Sullivan doesn’t make her Instagram all about her sorority. There are only a few mentions to her AXO membership.

The real, “unique,” digital footprint on her Instagram, leads us to her HUGE fascination for all things Disney. Sure, there’s posts like this:

Digging deeper, there is a second account that encapsulates (through weekly posts,) Sullivan’s fascination for all things Disney.


Sullivan also has a Twitter account, but it’s largely professional, too.


There are a few personal tweets though, like pictures with Jodee’s friends:

The real question is: what does Jodee want to be? All signs point to sports reporting, but in this tweet, she reveals that she would like to be an author one day.

Sullivan’s Facebook profile is also clean, though there are a number of profile pictures that date to her years in middle school.



However, all other photos are hidden. And there are no photos of Jodee being illicit or using any substances.


Meet Aaron – By Tiaira Muhammad

As I began scrolling through Google to find any information on Aaron Siegal, I could tell this would be a very difficult assignment.

For starters, Google tried to autocorrect Siegal’s name, which is never a good sign when trying to stalk someone online. I was successful in finding a bit of information about Siegal and one thing is pretty clear.

Aaron Siegal really likes sports. screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-2-35-01-pm
After sifting through Siegal’s Facebook for quite a while, I was able to find out that he’s worked at NFL Networks, ESPN and Fox Sports. Siegal interned in broadcast production and media departments across all three networks. Siegal was really able to apply his Annenberg Media skills in a professional setting, managing the networks’ social media, producing and even working a bit on the business side.

See more of Siegal’s professional experience and skills on his LinkedIn!


Wow! Talk about Trojan Family Network! Siegal clearly has superb networking skills. Speaking of Twitter, Siegal is not very active on the platform. His most recent activity dates back to June 7. Nevertheless when Siegal is on Twitter his entire Twitter centers on one very niche topic.

You guessed it. Sports. Pretty much all of Siegal ‘s tweets are about sports in some capacity. Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, etc. Siegal is definitely your sports commentator.


Vey bold prediction indeed. Unfortunately, this predication was actually incorrect according to Russell Wilson’s and Peyton Manning’s career stats from 2014. According to ESPN, Russell Wilson’s quarterback rating was 95.0 and he had 20 touchdowns during the 2014 season. Manning still comes out on top with a quarterback rating of 101.5 and scoring 39 touchdowns that year. Sorry Siegal.

Aaron doesn’t just cover sports news though. He also enjoys playing himself!


While not the best at replying to friend’s comments via social media (Seriously! Siegal only responded to two of his friend’s comments on Twitter and Facebook!), Siegal does make time for friends and family. Whether he’s bonding with his roommates or exploring the Bay Area with family, it’s clear social interaction is very important to his wellbeing.

1510856_10202867939877754_419054026_n      screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-3-20-26-pm

What a guy! You can catch Aaron Siegal around the University of Southern California Annenberg Media Center during business days, probably working with SportSCene!

Jason Alcorn’s Digital Footprint

Jason Alcorn’s personal life is very hidden on social media account, unless you are within his inner circle and fortunate enough to follow him on Instagram or be Facebook friends. His professional work and resume is very easy to find on Twitter and LinkedIn.  While his bios are different across all platforms, they are all of the same variety. On his personal website, he is a “Media Strategist and Dad to King of the Wild Things,” while on Instagram he is a “journalist, civic media strategist, and dad to a brand new person.”


Jason’s most used platform is Twitter, where he will tweet, retweet and like several posts per day on average. Most of the content is in regards to his work with MediaShift, where he is a metrics editor. He participates in several of their YouTube videos, where he discusses media strategies with a colleague. Some of his tweets are more personal, such as this one.


However, as we all know, Jason did not bring the snacks.

Jason is relatively private on other forms of social media. I was not able to find a YouTube account or a Flickr account. His Instagram account is private, as well as most of his Facebook, except for this.

Profile Pic

Jason is a Carnegie Knight Fellow, and achieved his Masters from the Columbia School of Journalism. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a native English speaker, but has professional proficiency in Spanish. In the past, he worked for InvestigateWest as an associate director for nearly four and a half years. His personal website leaves a link to all of his major works.

According to his LinkedIn, he is a graduate of Harvard University, where he participated in Kuumba, a choir society that performs African music and creates a safe space for Black students at Harvard. While there are videos online of the Kuumba Singers of Harvard, there are no videos from 2000-2004, when Jason attended the university.


This is a recent video shared by the society, to give context on its work.



Gray Baker- Digital Footprint Assignment

For my digital footprint assignment, I was put on the very difficult task of researching JT Arowosaye. This was especially difficult because I did not even know her actual first name until much more research.

JT, or Joyce, keeps her Facebook very secretive and current, only showing the college she attends and where she is currently employed. She does not have any family members listed, nor is she friends with any of them. It took me a while of researching before I found out that she is from West Orange, New Jersey and has 3 siblings, Baba, Juliet, and Isaac.

The top result in Google when looking up JT’s name is her USC Annenberg Media page, followed by ATVN. The third result, however, is an award from December 2015 for “Leading Woman of the Month” in her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. On this page, you can see some accomplishments she has made in her line of work, such as interviewing Meghan Trainer, Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry. It also tells of her work in the USC athletic department and her impressive minor in Spanish. Upon further scrolling, you can find JT’s Youtube page, which helped me confirm that her name is indeed Joyce. What her page consists of is journalism-styled vlogging and a cover letter for her work.

Looking through her LinkedIn helped me figure out where she is from. Like I said, her Facebook didn’t tell me anything about her before coming to USC, so by finding her LinkedIn, I was able to track her hometown due to a hospital that she did volunteer work at called the Kessler Institute for rehabilitation, which is the world’s largest rehabilitation hospital. Her LinkedIn also shows a small biography listing her achievements before college. She became the first African-American and youngest editor-in-chief at her high school’s newspaper at 15 and she got an internship as a sports writer at the age of 16.

There weren’t many independent articles or pages that talked about JT in high school or earlier, and if there are, I couldn’t find them. The only other thing I could find was an announcement from her high school that listed all the recipients of scholarships and awards in her year’s graduating class. JT received the President’s Award for Educational Excellence, the Principle’s Award for School Service, the West Orange Council of PTA’s Scholarship, and a National Honor Society Distribution of Honor Braid.

Digital Footprint Assignment: The Life of Aziza Kasumov

When I began typing fellow classmate Aziza Kasumov’s name into Google, a search suggestion of her full first and last name dropped below the search bar.  This gave me a sign that I was going to find a lot of information on her, and that was exactly the case.

The first source I read from the results page was actually a Tumblr post by user narsgermanfairytales that was an interview of Kasumov, who grew up near Frankfurt, Germany around castles and woods according to the post, when she was a freshman at USC.  The interview focused on the role fairy tales had played in Kasumov’s life.  Her favorite fairy tale was “The Little Mermaid” and she said she has seen every classic Disney Princess film.  She went on to say the original fairy tales and the Disney renditions differed in that they had different morals, in addition to the originals having more cruelty than the “happy endings” associated with Disney films.

The other main source of information I found about Kasumov came courtesy of her LinkedIn profile.  She listed her job as being a “Freelance Journalist” from Los Angeles working in the “Writing and Editing” industry.  Kasumov’s profile was full of work experiences supporting her title.  Kasumov’s LinkedIn resume included work blogging, and reporting with companies including the Huffington Post and the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.  For Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Kasumov helped cover the 2016 election from both Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.  Her profile also listed her as having reporting experiences with Annenberg Media and Intersections South LA.   

Kasumov’s educational background showed she spent 2005 through 2014 attending Max-Planck-Gymnasium Ludwigshafen am Rhein in Germany, ultimately earning her high school diploma there.  While in high school, she was involved in the student government, as well as the student mediation and first aid teams.  Her college information showed she expects to graduate from USC with a double major in International Relations and Print and Digital Journalism in 2018.  Her GPA was listed at a 3.882.  Her profile also showed she can speak English, German, and French well and even some Russian.  Being a native German speaker has afforded her the unique opportunity to help digitally archive the original documents of the Nuremberg Trials and assist in translating German documents while at USC, according to her LinkedIn profile.

I also gathered bits of information about Kasumov from other popular websites.  I looked on the Huffington Post and found three articles listed under Kasumov’s byline that were all published this past spring, including two that were focused on sleeping.  Her areas of focus, according to her Huffington Post description, include politics, social issues and college culture.  On Twitter, I found Kasumov’s profile, which was pretty active with posts and retweets from recent days.  Some posts were in English while others were not.  Most, if not all, of Kasumov’s posts in the last ten days were related to politics and many of them had some form of multimedia component or link added on to the tweet’s text.  In terms of Facebook, I’m not friends with Kasumov on the website and most of her information was shielded from me when I came across her profile.  However, I could see that she listed her hometown as Ludwigshafen and had posted a picture of New York City during summer 2014.  I also found that Kasumov has a Flickr account, although it only had ten photos focusing on buildings, including the newer Wallis Annenberg Hall, and text pieces with the newest one being posted in January this year.  I could not find an Instagram account linked to Kasumov.

Kasumov definitely has a descriptive LinkedIn profile that would show hiring managers everything they want: diverse and focused career experience that can easily be verified, multilingual and a high GPA at a prestigious university.  They can also get a glimpse of her personality and background through her use of Twitter and interviews like the one she did about fairy tales and her homeland.  Needless to say, Kasumov is on the path to success in her endeavors.

James McDaniels’ Digital Footprint

I went through James’ digital footprint for this week’s assignment, and I was happy to find that he has a very large online presence that is easy to locate. Having said that, a simple search of “James McDaniels” is not the best way to find him, as he shares a name with an obscure, presumably retired, 63-year-old NBA player (although his Twitter profile does pop up about halfway down the first page), and the similarly named James McDaniel, apparently of NYPD Blue fame, pops up as the first result on Google.

Upon finding James’ profiles, however, there was a lot to go through. He has a very active Twitter account with sports takes covering everything from horse racing to NASCAR. I think everyone in our class is aware of James’ love for NBC’s The Blacklist, so it was great to see that he was able to snap a photo with creator Jon Bokenkamp last week. James also has Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, although the latter almost seems unnecessary after going through his thorough personal website.

On jamesmcdaniels.com, you can find everything about James: his life story, resume, and a gazillion samples of his writing, broadcast reporting, and photography (by the way, there are some awesome photos of horse racing at Santa Anita Park on James’ website, and I don’t even know the first thing about the sport … go Secretariat). From his writing samples, you can follow links to the content James has produced for the Daily Trojan, Gridley Herald, Neon Tommy, and Annenberg Media (heads up, James, your last name is missing the “s” in your Media Center profile).

There are also parts of James’ digital footprint that he didn’t directly produce. Relevant to his class discussion last week, James was quoted on Annenberg Media last spring on a piece about USC’s virtual technology initiative for people with autism. He is also quoted as a freshman in an official USC news article, when he talked about dancing for the chance to win field passes at Trojan football games (sadly, there is no accompanying video).

That’s pretty much all I could find on James’ digital footprint. I would say his online presence is an ideal one, with a host of professional information available to the public but very few overly personal details (unless you’re friends with him on Facebook). There is plenty for a prospective employer to sift through, yet nothing that raises any red flags.

Eytan Wallace’s Digital Footprint

Honestly, I’m pretty sure I received the easiest assignment this week: tracking and exploring the digital footprint of the one and only Eytan Wallace. Eytan is one and only, firstly, because his name truly does seem to be uncommon in the virtual world, but also, and most importantly, because he has made himself THE Eytan Wallace of the Internet.

The second I typed in “eyta” in my basic Google search, the words “Eytan Wallace” were one of the top options to select. I’ll admit, I doubted that my selection would turn up much evidence of the friendly face I see every Thursday night, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The first thing I see, under the link to his Facebook page, is a YouTube video entitled “Eytan Wallace Reports”, the thumbnail of which clearly shows Eytan reporting. Below this is the link to his personal YouTube page and his LinkedIn, the latter portraying his title to be a “Contributing Reporter at Annenberg Radio News”. More proof right there (side note Eytan, you are FAR beyond the status of CONTRIBUTING reporter my friend).

At this moment, I was looking under the “All” tab in Google. I then decided to click on the “Images” tab, and what do ya know? Easily the first 20 images are all of Eytan.



Why so grumpy Eytan?

The same can be said when exploring the “Videos” tab. Even when looking at “maps”, it automatically zooms in to the USC area (sadly I couldn’t stalk him enough to pinpoint his exact location).


Leaving Google behind in search of a more challenging assignment, I changed courses and headed to Twitter (didn’t even bother with YouTube – the man has 60 videos on his account alone). Now, I am only just starting to get back into Twitter (I didn’t sign into my account for years until just recently due to a creepy stalking situation) and I literally have next to no friends on the site. So I thought there was no way he would immediately pop up when I typed his name in the search bar because I don’t follow many people and don’t have any connections to him. What do I see? Well, my fellow student Eytan Wallace is the first person of course.

I could go on and on about how many tweets Eytan has tweeted himself or been tagged in and how the same applies to Facebook too, but the evidence is clear. Eytan Wallace slays the digital footprint game. He especially slays the journalist footprint game. This was noticeable from the beginning of my search with “Eytan Wallace Reports”.Pretty much all traces of his footprint lead back to his involvement in journalism, whether it be through Annenberg or internships, and whether it be through a YouTube or Facebook video, or a Twitter or Instagram post.