Eytan Wallace’s Digital Footprint

Honestly, I’m pretty sure I received the easiest assignment this week: tracking and exploring the digital footprint of the one and only Eytan Wallace. Eytan is one and only, firstly, because his name truly does seem to be uncommon in the virtual world, but also, and most importantly, because he has made himself THE Eytan Wallace of the Internet.

The second I typed in “eyta” in my basic Google search, the words “Eytan Wallace” were one of the top options to select. I’ll admit, I doubted that my selection would turn up much evidence of the friendly face I see every Thursday night, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The first thing I see, under the link to his Facebook page, is a YouTube video entitled “Eytan Wallace Reports”, the thumbnail of which clearly shows Eytan reporting. Below this is the link to his personal YouTube page and his LinkedIn, the latter portraying his title to be a “Contributing Reporter at Annenberg Radio News”. More proof right there (side note Eytan, you are FAR beyond the status of CONTRIBUTING reporter my friend).

At this moment, I was looking under the “All” tab in Google. I then decided to click on the “Images” tab, and what do ya know? Easily the first 20 images are all of Eytan.



Why so grumpy Eytan?

The same can be said when exploring the “Videos” tab. Even when looking at “maps”, it automatically zooms in to the USC area (sadly I couldn’t stalk him enough to pinpoint his exact location).


Leaving Google behind in search of a more challenging assignment, I changed courses and headed to Twitter (didn’t even bother with YouTube – the man has 60 videos on his account alone). Now, I am only just starting to get back into Twitter (I didn’t sign into my account for years until just recently due to a creepy stalking situation) and I literally have next to no friends on the site. So I thought there was no way he would immediately pop up when I typed his name in the search bar because I don’t follow many people and don’t have any connections to him. What do I see? Well, my fellow student Eytan Wallace is the first person of course.

I could go on and on about how many tweets Eytan has tweeted himself or been tagged in and how the same applies to Facebook too, but the evidence is clear. Eytan Wallace slays the digital footprint game. He especially slays the journalist footprint game. This was noticeable from the beginning of my search with “Eytan Wallace Reports”.Pretty much all traces of his footprint lead back to his involvement in journalism, whether it be through Annenberg or internships, and whether it be through a YouTube or Facebook video, or a Twitter or Instagram post.


Cassette Tip Sheet

A Journalist’s New Best Friend

Ever had to conduct a 30+ minute interview and then spent another 30+ minutes listening to the recorded audio to find the perfect sound bites for your project? If you have experienced this long and tiring process, let me introduce you to Cassette.

What is Cassette?


Cassette is an app developed by designers from Stanford d.school and UCLA Cognitive Science in collaboration with David Kelley (cofounder of IDEO and d.school). It was created for product designers who need to conduct interviews to understand the needs and wants of a product user.

HOWEVER, it can be just as useful for us journalists!

How Can Cassette Help a Journalist?


  1. Cassette automatically transcribes your interviews for you! No more need to sit down and listen to your recorded audio over and over again to make sure you’re writing down exactly what was said. It makes the recorded content easily searchable for later reference!

2. The app has one-touch bookmarking for referencing a specific moment to come back later to. So if your interviewee is saying something really important that you think would be great in your project, all you have to do is tap the blue bookmark icon once to bookmark it! The app also lets you note emotional reactions and responses from your interviewee. All you have to do is click on the appropriate emotion icon to match. So if you need an emotional response from your interviewee, it’s right there for you to see/hear!


3. You can skim through your bookmarks/emotional responses to find the important moments without listening to hours of audio, or use powerful search to find exactly what you’re looking for.


4. This app can be downloaded on any device, and your interviews can be shared with anyone! Just click the share icon in the upper right corner of your screen. So, for journalists, you can share your interviews with your producers, writers, editors etc! You can seamlessly share everything with your team, and listen, comment and bookmark together – so everyone’s on the same page.


5. As a team, or individually, you can strategically prepare your questions before the interview, and can easily access these questions during an interview with one tap. You can also choose from a list of pre-set suggested questions.



The better packages may not be free, but just think how much time and effort you’ll save using Cassette!

Sign Up!

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-10-26-24-amCassette is currently in its “pre-launch” phase, so you’ll need to request an invite to test out the app for yourself. Go on its website http://www.cassette.design/?ref=sansfrancis.co#landing and try it out!


La Vida de Vermont

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

At first sight, Vermont Square doesn’t appear to boast a rich and vibrant culture, for sadly it’s low-income status and dilapidated buildings mask it’s unique beauty. I personally walked around finding little inspiration within the neighborhood, until I met Danny. Blaming his “good looks which would break my camera,” Danny declined to be photographed, but that didn’t stop him from encouraging me to take photos of his “beloved Vermont.”

“One of our biggest jobs out here is electrical repair. Lord knows we got so many electric repair shops that we can’t fit all the washers and dryers and cookers into the damn store! You can’t go more than five minutes without bumping into one of the darn things on the street.”
“This right here is my home. I got two daughters who decided they wanted to hang up these ugly things all over my windows. My wife wouldn’t let me take them down! I look like I live in a crazy house or something! But I think they’d be good for your picture. Well what you waiting for? Go ahead! Take one!”
“I mean these things ain’t used much anymore ’cause we got them cell phones, but I like having them up still. Reminds me of the good old days when I was a young man and would ring up my girl to tell her I loved her. Her daddy didn’t know we were seeing each other, so I couldn’t go call on her at her house. Don’t worry, she’s now my wife.”
“I been living here for 30 years now, and I still don’t know what this says! But in there you got a little garden where all the Latinos go to worship their Lord.”
“What more could a man want? Burgers and the menu before you even step one foot into the building! I tell you lady, these are the best damn hamburgers you’ll ever eat!”