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3 Headlines:

Bike Path Controversial among South LA Residents

Bike Path to bring transformative connection across South LA

South LA Residents both Hopeful and Skeptical of Planned Bike Path


The Rail 2 River Bike Path is planned to run from Vernon to Hyde Park along an abandoned railroad on Slauson Avenue. However, some community activisits would rather see rail return to the transit dependent neighborhoods it serves.

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Jason Alcorn’s Digital Footprint

Jason Alcorn’s personal life is very hidden on social media account, unless you are within his inner circle and fortunate enough to follow him on Instagram or be Facebook friends. His professional work and resume is very easy to find on Twitter and LinkedIn.  While his bios are different across all platforms, they are all of the same variety. On his personal website, he is a “Media Strategist and Dad to King of the Wild Things,” while on Instagram he is a “journalist, civic media strategist, and dad to a brand new person.”


Jason’s most used platform is Twitter, where he will tweet, retweet and like several posts per day on average. Most of the content is in regards to his work with MediaShift, where he is a metrics editor. He participates in several of their YouTube videos, where he discusses media strategies with a colleague. Some of his tweets are more personal, such as this one.


However, as we all know, Jason did not bring the snacks.

Jason is relatively private on other forms of social media. I was not able to find a YouTube account or a Flickr account. His Instagram account is private, as well as most of his Facebook, except for this.

Profile Pic

Jason is a Carnegie Knight Fellow, and achieved his Masters from the Columbia School of Journalism. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a native English speaker, but has professional proficiency in Spanish. In the past, he worked for InvestigateWest as an associate director for nearly four and a half years. His personal website leaves a link to all of his major works.

According to his LinkedIn, he is a graduate of Harvard University, where he participated in Kuumba, a choir society that performs African music and creates a safe space for Black students at Harvard. While there are videos online of the Kuumba Singers of Harvard, there are no videos from 2000-2004, when Jason attended the university.


This is a recent video shared by the society, to give context on its work.

Enjoy! – Infographic Tip Sheet John Marcus

Home is an infographic template creator and editor that allows a journalist to display data, statistics or information in a clear, professional manner. The online program is free, but also offers a premium version. 

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Once uploaded, all of the elements are easy to drag and drop. To start, simply make an account. Then select one of the thousands of templates to start making an infographic. 

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-12-13-22-amFor instance, in this graphic, you can change the text by double clicking, and changing the text box. Once clicked out, you can also drag the text box to the desired place on screen.


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Exploring Vermont Harbor

Here is my tour of the Vermont Harbor neighborhood. First, we find one of the several tire shops in the area.

One of the many tire and automotive repair shops in the neighborhood

Just down the street, there is a mural that reads “Support Black Business,” such as the tire shop in the photo shown above, where most of the workers were black.

This mural on Normandie Avenue and 47th Street shows community pride with the words “Support Black Business.”
In an alleyway behind a church off of Vernon Avenue lies this mural filled with political commentary as well as common street art.
In this neighborhood, graffiti is not always street art. At this church on Vermont Avenue, the street is littered and the sign is vandalized, showing signs of a run down area.
Speaking of run down, this car on 57th Street near Hoover Street does not appear to be in fair condition.

Photo Bingo:

Reflection: img_5268

Looking Down: img_0455

Ant POV:  img_0429

Eyes:  img_0471

Hands:  img_0465

Fashion: snapseed

Sports: img_0217

Delicious:  img_7110


The train doors close as the Metro Expo Line rolls through Exposition Park and heads towards its destination in Downtown Los Angeles.