JT Arowosaye’s Digital Footprint

So who is JT Arowosaye? Or, at least who is she online?

A quick look at her Facebook profile reveals she’s interned for NBC News, studied at Instituto Internacional Madrid, Spain, studies Broadcast and Digital Journalism at USC, and lives in Los Angeles, California.


From looking at her profile picture and scrolling down her profile, you’ll see that she’s a proud member of Kappa Alpha Theta, one of the 11 Panhellenic sororities on USC’s campus. She’s also a USC football fan and was hoping for USC to get the win over Alabama on September 3rd.


Her recent Facebooks depict a great image of JT, and accurately represent her, but what if we dive deeper? Can we learn about JT as she was a high schooler or even middle schooler?

Looks like she still has some really old posts on Facebook.


Don’t worry, 2010 JT, I feel the same way about homework right now, but I guess it’s Thanksgiving break lingering in the future and not Winter break.

Earlier I mentioned JT was a proud member of Kappa Alpha Theta, after some Facebook searching, it looks like they’re pretty proud of her too.


JT was honored as the chapter’s Leading Woman of the Month for December of 2015. Congrats, JT. Looks like your chapter built a nice little bio for you and they’re quite proud.

Ok, Facebook is fun, but let’s see what else we can find. What about Twitter?


Her Twitter profile is fairly similar to her Facebook bio, except twitter has a bit more information. Here, you can see she’s an anchor and journalist for Annenberg Media, Write On Sports intern, and a game management worker for USC Athletics. You also see that she’s from New Jersey and New York besides just living in Los Angeles. She also has a website link, but when you click to follow it, the internet says that the site can’t be reached. Unfortunate.


JT was also reporting live during the Trump Protests last Thursday. Having been there as well, her tweets quickly summarize just some of the craziness that we experienced towards the end of the night.

JT is also smart as she made the Spring 2016 Dean’s List. It’s here that I discovered her full name, Joyce Temitope Arowosaye.

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-9-50-13-am screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-9-49-56-am

More sleuthing, she even has her resume posted online here. Being a resume, you can see more of her professional side. My personal favorite part of her resume is her Fun Facts section. Because her resume extends to two pages, I’ve reproduced the fun facts below.

  1. When I was seven years old I was serious about becoming an actress, my family and I moved to LA for a year to pursue my acting career.
  2. I won a journalism award for being the first black as well as the youngest editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper.
  3. I’m technically a mutant because I was born with a genetic mutation that gave six fingers on each hand!

I’m nearing the end of my workout, so I’ll just share some photos that I found while sleuthing about online.

Dancing with Meghan Trainor at The Grove.
Interviewing Molly Sims at the same event at The Grove.
Quoted in a Daily Trojan article about the Annenberg panel discussing the election results.
Brief from her internship with Write On Sports.
When JT was a weather anchor, her weekly segment was “What’s Trending?”
She wrote an article for Neon Tommy, which is now Annenberg Media. (RIP NT)




Jodee Storm Sullivan – Tipsheet Type Nugget

Welcome to Type Nugget! Ever thought, I want a way to easily design all of the text on my webpage, but didn’t know exactly how to go about it? Well, now you don’t have to!

When you go to http://www.typenugget.com/ this is the first thing that you see. The design is catching and inviting. It’s called Type Nugget because they refer to the CSS code that gets generated as little golden nuggets, and since it’s about the type of a web page, the name Type Nugget was born.


After clicking on TRY IT NOW! This is the page that you see. The text on the left side of the screen is pretty bland, right? Well, not for long thanks to Type Nugget.


So this is the GLOBAL tab. As the name suggests, the controls for this tab edits every piece of text on your page. Pretty useful if you just want everything to look nice and uniform. Each of the dropdown boxes offers different ways to edit your font.


Want to change the font? Of course, you do, that’s why you’re looking at this tipsheet. So, do change the font you click on the FONT FAMILY dropdown box and then click on SELECT THEME FONTS.


After clicking, you’ll see a huge assortment of fonts. Literally any font you could think of is probably here. To add fonts to you font family, you just have to click on it. To make your collection accessible, after you click on the font it is shaded purple and then because available in the dropdown font family menu.


So you’ve picked all of the fonts that you want to use. Great! What’s next? To customize each of the sections of your web page, there are different tabs to choose from. Global, Headings, Paragraph, Links, List. Let’s take a look at Headings.


As the name suggests, Headings is going to edit your heading (H1-H6) text. The BASE tab edits all of your headings collectively. Which is great to keep everything nice and uniform.


What if I want to change the different headings individually? Good question. Just click the H1-H6 tabs to the right of Base and you can individually edit the headings. See?


You can get creative and play with the headings, like adding their own backgrounds to help them to stand out on your web page.


To continue making your text fun and creative on your web page, you continue to click and edit in the Paragraph, Links, and Links tabs. They all work similarly to the Headings tab. Each of the individual tabs has submenus like the Headings tab. It’s a matter of repetition to customize everything because it’s all designed similarly.




Ok, so you’ve done all of the edits and changes and you have a beautifully designed text layout. What’s next, you ask? Time to generate the code. Just click on the button and Type Nugget will generate your code.


Once you click that, you’ll have to make an account to access the code. Luckily it’s free and you can connect it to your Facebook.


It’ll take a moment or two for your code to generate. You’ll get to enjoy a nice fullscreen graphic while you wait.


Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’re fully designed code with your text designs.


Now, all you have to do is copy and paste the code into your web page. If you want to download the CSS style sheet itself, you can follow the indicated link. What’s really cool about Type Nugget, is that’s it’s a living document; therefore, you can come back to your account and edit the text layout, and once you click generate, it’ll update your web page. Super cool, right?

Enjoy! I hope you have as much fun styling your text as I did while making this tipsheet.


Q: Oh no, I messed up while I was designing my text. How do I fix it?

A: Have no fear. Type Nugget has the tools to help you out. Undo, Redo and Reset are all options you have to fix up any editing mistakes you might have.


Q: The generated text is great and all, but I want to use my own to see how it will look before I drop in the code. How can I do this?

A: That’s simple. All you have to do is edit the text that’s on the preview screen.


Q: I see that you can select colors with the color palette tool, but I like hex codes because I like my colors precise. How can I edit my colors with hex codes?

A: Great question. To use hex codes instead of the palette, all you have to do it click in the space under color and type in a hex code.

Vermont Square Photo Essay – Jodee Storm Sullivan


When driving around Vermont Square, some of the most common places of business are tire stores and auto repair shops. This wall, with tires peaking over the top, flanks the side of Miranda Tires off of Normandie Avenue and West 51st Street.


Tires are displayed in a number of ways, but this setup seems to be the most common throughout Vermont Square. This tire was placed at the entrance of Miranda Tires, greeting customers as the walk in.


This mural is adjacent to the “Mufflers & Catalytics” sign at Miranda Tires. The mural, depicting the Virgen de Guadalupe, relates the tire shop to some of the other common establishments in Vermont Square—churches. The flags on either side of the Virgen depict the connection between Mexican and American heritage.


Nativity Catholic Church is only a couple blocks away from Miranda Tires off of Vermont Avenue and West 57th Street. The pink exterior of the church sets it apart from the surrounding buildings. The church offers daily mass and four Sunday masses, three in Spanish and one in English.


Vermont Square’s north and south borders consist of railroad tracks. These abandoned tracks run parallel with Slauson, the southern border, for nearly the entire community area. They fall short about half a block before Western Avenue.


The northern border of Vermont Square features an active set of tracks for the Metro line. As seen in the picture, the Metro serves as a quick way to get around Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.










Eyes Only




Looking Up