Digital Footprint: Tara (Tarangini) Ruff — By Eytan Wallace

For this week’s assignment, I had the distinct pleasure of being assigned to Tara Ruff. In my quest to discover Tara’s “digital footprint,” I did a quick Google search on her name. The first four items that pop up are her Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. The fifth item, a YouTube video titled “Tara Ruff for Activities Coordinator,” is quite comical, as it dates back to 2013 when Ruff was running for Activities Coordinator for her high school’s student government.

Upon clicking on Ruff’s Twitter page, it is apparent that she is quite active on this social media network, having retweeted on numerous occasions in the last month alone. On her Linkedin account, Ruff is fully up-to-date, noting her involvement with USC Annenberg Media and with the USC Undergraduate Advocacy Board, to name a few. On Instagram, I happen to follow Ruff, thus giving me direct access to her activity on that social media app. She has 202 total posts, and follows 550 people while also having 1,016 followers of her own; she seems pretty popular – wouldn’t you say? Most strangers, however, would likely not be able to see her activity on “Insta,” as you need her to grant official permission in order to view her content on this social media app. I find this to be a wise decision, as Ruff is monitoring who can and cannot view her content, thus ensuring a private profile on Instagram. On Facebook, Ruff lists herself as an executive board member for “Trojans Against Sexual Assault.” Her account also shows she is an MMJ for Annenberg TV News, and that she is from Fremont, CA. Her profile and cover photos, respectively, show Ruff posing with what appear to be fellow sorority young women from the Tri Delta Sorority at USC.

Upon a quick search on Google Images, I noticed Ruff emerges in the first three images that come up. The second of these images is of Ruff’s profile picture from her – get this – MySpace page. Upon clicking on the image, I am connected to the account of “MuffinLove523.” The only image associated with the account, dated March 3, 2011, is the same picture as the one that pops up in the Google image result. However, while this image does in fact emerge on Google images, the account from which the image originates is clearly no longer used.

Last but not least, if I may add a point of personal privilege, as I have had the pleasure of knowing Tara since we both transferred to USC Annenberg last year, I know that Tara’s full name is actually Tarangini Ruff. Upon searching this name on Google, I was able to find a YouTube account that clearly belongs to her. However, I could not find much else with the full name, thus allowing me to conclude that Tara has successfully branded herself as just that, Tara Ruff.

“My Feedly” Tip Sheet – By: Eytan Wallace

I would be lying if I said that I, along with many others, fit in to the new technological, creative, and digital age of journalism. This is why people, like me, as well as others from older generations, need special tools and programs specifically designed to help assist and navigate new mediums of news information and content on the internet. From the most general sense of Google, to online newspapers and blogs, and even to social media, there are infinite means to obtain news these days.

I often ask myself how in the world I can keep up with all of the forms of media and news out there. Now I may have the answer. It’s called “Feedly.”


The goal of this site is to condense and personalize all news on social media and the internet by asking you, the news consumer, to let it know what current events for which you are interested. In the example above, “tech,” “decoration,” “food,” and “competition,” are among the categories.

Many may wonder, however, “How does this site know what news I am interested in reading?” It does so in a few steps. First, you, the news consumer, are asked to connect “My Feedly” with your personal social media account, whether that be Google+, Facebook, or others.


Then it allows you to search from various categories like “Buisness” or “Sports” so that it knows which news you are interested in obtaining. If you are not content with a specific category, then you can type in to the search bar on your own.


Upon doing so, it will come up with your desired news results for you almost as soon as you click the “search” button.

In my case, I did not click on any of the above categories, and instead searched for “Israel” as I enjoy learning about the various ongoings of that country. Instead of having to search for minutes upon minutes for news from Israel, I was able to simply search “Israel” in the bar, at which point various sources came up with numerous articles on the subject.



Notice there also comes a sidebar with the search. In this bar, one may find useful sources for such topics from “related feeds.” In my case, sources like “The Times of Israel” come up as potential other sources I may want to look into.


My only criticism of this resources would be that it almost seems like a semi-copycat of Google News, as that, too, allows readers to view various sources on one topic. Otherwise, I very much enjoyed “My Feedly,” and look forward to using this helpful site in the future.

Photo Essay — Vermont Square Park, Vermont Harbor, CA By: Eytan Wallace


Vermont Square Park, located on W 47th St., is conveniently located in the middle of the Vermont Harbor neighborhood. Among other amenities, the public park boasts a lush green lawn, picnic tables, a basketball court, public restrooms, and a play yard for children.


At one end of the park, Vermont Harbor resident, Mario Suerta, also an immigrant from Ecuador, sits by his bike as he smokes cannabis, drinks his favorite energy drink, and scratches a lottery ticket in hopes of “becoming a millionaire.”



At the other end of the park, the Ruíz cousins, each three years old, play with one another on the play set. Here, Jeremiah keeps guard in the “cave” to make sure no one else enters.

Yitzhak, who only speaks Spanish, says he loves to run to the top of the play set.

Yitzhak’s cousin, Jeremiah, who also only speaks Spanish, loves to roll down the slide before jumping off.



Eytan Wallace’s hands hard at work, typing an essay for his Introduction to Holocaust History course.


As seen in this ant POV, three-year-old Jeremiah Ruíz runs after jumping off the slide at Vermont Square Park.


Although the above image could be confused for many objects, it actually is the inside of a plastic red cup, similar to those found at CVS, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond stores.


Peek-A-Boo! Inside this blue slide, Yitzhak Ruíz hides from his cousin, Jeremiah. Jeremiah would later find his cousin during this game of hide-and-seek.


These are Eytan Wallace’s eyes. The iPhone was held up very close to his face. In case you could not tell, Wallace is in fact smiling in this picture.


After reaching the bottom of the slide, Yitzhak Ruíz tries to climb up but slips in the process. This picture shows Ruíz as he is in the process of falling down.


Looking up at a street sign warning drivers about the nearby playground at Vermont Square Park.


Looking down, watching the Ruíz cousins playing with one another at Vermont Square Park in Vermont Harbor, CA.


This picture is a mystery to me, and hopefully to you. Could there be a hidden message in the image? I believe there is, and would love to know if you do as well. That is why I believe this photo stands out as a “WTF shot.”


Using the 10 second timer feature on my iPhone 5c’s camera, I left the phone on my desk, and smiled for the picture 10 seconds later.


These are hats/caps belonging to  Eytan Wallace’s roommate, Anthony. From the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and of course the Trojans, you can’t go wrong with wearing any of these head coverings.


“MMM…Cinnamon!” I couldn’t agree more with this slogan — MMM, indeed! If it were not for the fact that I exercise daily, I do not know what i would do, as my sweet tooth certainly controls my life. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is one of my favorite cereals!