Week 15 Assignments


Here are the class slides from Week 15.

Final Assignment

Deadline: Thursday, Dec. 8 at 7pm.

Using WebView in Fetch

Earlier in the semester, we set up WebView to find the actual URL of the files on your server.

Now we’re working in a different folder on the server, so we need to do it again. Log in to Fetch and make sure you’re in the home directory. Click WebView and enter this web address:


That’s it! Now when you want to view a file you can click the WebView button again or right-click and Copy Web Address.

Teaser and Teaser Images

Your story MUST include teasers for 3 of your classmate’s stories in the footer, which is what we started doing in class. If you don’t have three yet, email your classmates to get the image, teaser headline, and 20-30 word teaser text to include.

Good luck!

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